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Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Guide

Dungeons-One of the funnest, most interesting, and definitely worthwhile things to do in Guild Wars 2-in fact, definitely one of my favorite things to do. Although it can be quite annoying, especially because Guild Wars 2 have some of the most advanced and hardest dungeons that I’ve seen in a long time. The bosses are many, the mobs are abundant, and the fun can be infinite.banner1

Order of Kills and Target

Guild Wars 2 loves innovation-like any good MMORPG should. Because of this, mobs react differently than mobs in any other MMORPG that you would expect to play. In GW2 they try to help their teammates, can heal each other, etcetera. Because of this, it makes it crucial to establish a kill order and plan before engaging a group of targets. For example, killing Ascalonian monks in Ascalonian caves, then Mesmers and Elementalists, is a popular kill plan in Ascalonian cavern.

For obvious reasons, sometimes it may be necessary to repeatedly engage the group multiple times before finding the optimal kill order.  In GW2, it’s not always about killing casters first. But hey! It’s all part of the fun o’ the game!

Once you have a plan on who to kill first, then you will want to make a more specific plan, and assign someone to call out a target. Fortunately, this is made super-easy with Guild Wars 2, and they even have hotkeys for it. To call a target, you have to first have them targeted. Then press [Ctrl] + [T] this will make an obnoxious and obvious flag above the target, and allow for other party members to easily recognize which mob to focus. From there, the party can press [T] to automatically target that same target.

Focusing down mobs will make dungeons easier and make the dungeon enjoyable, so by all means do it!


It’s a Trap!

One of my favorite additions in dungeons-and also sometimes the most annoying- are traps (Suggestion: Very fun to trick your friends into). In MMORPG’s, it’s never been a good idea to Leeroy Jenkins your way through, and GW2 just amplifies that fact with traps. Take Ascalonian Caves for example-they got traps everywhere!

The most popular type of trap are the flame and spike traps. An easy way to avoid these traps is just to scan each area before entering-so that you knoBadass Dungeon Armorw where they are and can potentially disable them. In the case of the AC traps, you can either disable or destroy them (Your Choice!).

The easiest way to spot traps and enemies is simply holding down control. It will show all the nameplates, making it easy to identify any enemies, allies, or traps in the area.

Enemies! How could I forget??? An obvious part of dungeons in all MMO’s- but in GW2 have a bit of a twist. It’s doubly easy to pull too many enemies for your party in GW2. For example, in the Ascalonian dungeon, blue rings on the ground signal where mages will pop up. If too many are triggered, you have a couple options

  • Run
  • Try to fight it out (sometimes works if you have a very well-coordinated group)
  • Die, and then come back and pull less until your group can take it.


Use Dodging!

Bosses in GW2 all have those “one-hit-kill” mentality. That one big strike that takes a long time, does crazy damage, and knocks you down. Watching for these larger attacks are crucial to your survival, and a dodge can decide whether you eat dust, or bathe in gold. Some of the content might not always need dodging, although its definitely a skill to be mastered in PvE, and certainly in PvP.


Line of Sight

While dodging attacks-it is also important to take note of your surroundings in order to gain good perspective on your target. Look for spaces around the area in order to brake that “thin tunnel vision” and gain an extra edge over your PvE opponent. This might not be always possible-but when a ranged class, this rule becomes extra important.


Maintain your Builds!

AwesomeGW2CreatureA lot of dungeons have virtually no underwater areas. But for those rarer times, getting out that swim gear can be a good idea. Especially when theirs loot involved. Although maintenance of all equipment is obviously necessary, it is extra easy to get lazy and not remember to upgrade your under-water equipment (I know I do). But remember! Keep those equips recent!!


Factor Team Support into Your Build

Once entering even the first dungeon, there are enough variations of builds that you can factor them into dungeons. Based on this, you can organize a team. Area heals and condition removal skills help enormously in dungeons. Trying to find a combo that utilizes different skills will make your team more effective in the PvE environment.

The good thing is, GW2 offers a lot of these things for all classes. When setting up a plan, adjust your build to balance group support with DPS. If everyone in the group does this, then a perfect combo of damage and healing can be achieved which should keep teams alive at all times. It’s also important to get your major traits straightened out, and also to bring various weapons sets in order to allow for more versatile and structured play which will help your group survive.

Monitor Boons and Conditions, and React Accordingly

In any boss fight, it is absolutely crucial to check active boons. This is because you can counter them by using your own conditions/boons. By negating boons, you can get a very large edge over your opponent, and definitely make the fight easier. If it’s a stacking boon, then if it stacks later in the fight, than the difficulty of the boss will increase fast.

One of the most important things is Retaliation. Its can be crucial sometimes to just stop attacking whenever it’s active. If you continue attacking you are essentially draining your own health and defeating the purpose of killing a boss-you might even kill yourself in the process. That’s why it can be a good idea to include a necromancer within the group as they have skills that negate this boon.


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