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Guild Wars 2 Crafting-Where to Find Your Materials

Crafting Disciplines-one of the best sources for badass armor (IMO). Disciplines use items dropped from animals in order to level up the profession. The focus of this guide will be the items which can be found in the “fine crafting section” of banner1the bank. Other, more rarer items, are in another guide, and will be covered more in-depth

Broken into six categories, they are used for most disciplines. While the tiers go up, the items become more specialized for different professions, allowing for the craft of more powerful and rare items.

This will be basically a guide covering the different types of creatures that drop different items. This will help if you are creating farming routes, want to save different coin, or just want to know which animals drop the most of what item. In addition, it can really help with earning money in the auction house. In fact, I get most of my gold from farming-it is definitely the most profitable way to earn money in Guild Wars 2



Fine Crafting Materials


Bats and trolls are the best creature to farm vials of blood (found in caves), although an hunting skale are also a good alternative. Skales usually hang out by the riverside or by large lakes. But because skales drop scales, it can also be a better choice if you need those for your disciplines too.


Bones-definitely the most easy to get item in GW2, (mostly because a lot of things contain bones, DUH!!). But it gets a lot easier once you get to the part where zhaitan controls the undead, where a lot of ancient boxes can be found.


Drakes, harpies, and raptors equal the best source for getting claws, and the flame legion are the best for getting large claws once you get to that level of crafting. Drakes are also a good source, and found virtually by every water source. They also drop scales, so double crafting items!!(If your into that stuff ;)


Dusts-These are the easiest to get crafting materials. Mostly because a lot of professions use them, and definitely because jewelers use them throughout everything to transmute gems.

Generally casting or magical creatures drop them the best (IE: Elementals Golems) and elementals and golems will also drop the most dust out of all creatures.


Grubs are also a double taker;great source for fangs and venom sacks. These thinks are found around those pesky cave areas. Or you can hunt skelk-they also drop fangs and venom sacs, and can be found in those mushy swamp areas.

If you also need leather to go along with those fangs, go for boars and wolves. They drop salvageable leather along with fangs.


Scales are pretty much my least favorite to collect because the creatures that carry them are found underwater. (obviously, unless you’re a skritt(SHINY). But they drop em’ pretty often, so I don’t have to spend that much time farming them.

Skritts also drop scales, but not as often as underwater creatures.


Crafting lots of fabric? Well then prepare to deal with things that also drop lots of totems. These things are found race specific, so Bandits can be found where human and sylvari are, inquest with asuras, and svanir sons around the shiver-peak area.

Venom Sacs

Venom sacs are dropped by a variety of creatures, which, good news for you, also drop other crafting materials of use. IE: if your leveling in caves, kill trolls which drop venom sacs, bones, and vials of blood…Grubs also live in caves, and are awesome for duel farming too.


That’s it for the farming guide, hope it helped you! As always, if you have any suggestions for future guides, leave it in the Comment section of this page, or any page for that matter.

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