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Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide

The guardian is the best defensive/support profession, although the guardian is more than capable of lending offensive support.  In relation to the Guardians counter-part, the warrior, the Guardian, while having less HP and doing less damage, is better at avoiding, blocking, or outright avoid taking damage to begin with, as well as reducing the amount of damage those less frequent blows inflict, and has the courtesy of buffs (called virtues in GW2), which also benefit the Guardians allies.  The Guardian is a party leader; one of the best professions for defense and buffing and probably the most party-friendly profession in GW2  It can help protect siege weapons, defend control points, and block movement through choke points.


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Now, back to the Guardian Guide;…

Unlike preceding MMO’s, no profession, even the Guardian is able to withstand significant amounts of damage.  Tanking in GW2 refers to a players ability to control the enemy by crippling him, using wards which are exlusive to the guardian profession to negate offensive attacks and prevent enemy advancement.  There’s no direct heals in GW2 which don’t have long cooldowns that effect the entire party, but the Guardian is capable of providing HP regeneration, as well as shielding his party, which does help.

The Guardian can have three free signets (virtues), each of which provide a passive buff, or can be activated for more potent effects.


1) **Virtue of Justice: Burn foes with every fifth attack. Activation (30 second cooldown):**

- Grants burning on the next attack for the guardian and its allies.

2) Virtue of Resolve: Grants Aegis (blocks next attack) every 40 seconds. Activation (90 second cooldown): Grants Aegis to the guardian and its allies.

3) Virtue of Courage: Regenerates health. Activation (60 second cooldown) heals the guardian and its allies.


Guardian Trait Lines

The trait lines for the guardian are listed below, along with their associated attributes and weapon or utility skill type associations.



+10 Power per pointGW2_Guardian_Traits

+1 Expertise per point

Improves symbols, spirit weapons, and conditions.



+10 Percision per point

+10 Malice per point

Improves signets, blind, and various conditions.



+10 Toughness per point

+1 Prowess per point

Improves blocking and meditations.



+10 Vitality per point

+10 Compassion per point

Improves symbols, support, shouts, and dodges.



+1 Concentration per point

+1 Willpower per point

Improves virtues, elite skills, and consecrations.




Virtues are a passive mechanic unique to Guardians which provide an irreplacable benefit to not just the Guardian but the rest of his party.  The three virtues are essentially three signets.  It’s basically like having three additional skill slots which you are unable to switch the skills out of, yet they have the added bonus of being available all the time.  The passive benefits are far greater than the manual activation of one of the virtues.  Passive regeneration for example will heal more HP than merely activating it, but if you need heal immediately, the slow regen won’t help that much.


**Virtue of Courage**


This skill provides passive healing. In PvE, there is no need to activate the virtue as the threat won’t be significant enough to warrant a need for it.  In PvP, passive regeneration will do little to prevent you from being killed, given the the large amount of damage other well-geared players tend to inflict.  You’ll want to use this more as a temporary heal.


**Virtue of Justice**


Virtue of Justice works well in combiantion with Burning.  Burning is a condition that adds extra DPS to the guardians attacks.  Burning is affected by additional damage, which can be increased using Radiance. With this virtue you’ll gain one second of burning on every fifth attack, which can be significant.  Knowing when to activate this virtue is difficult.  In PvP a second of burning is defintately going to have an impact on your effectiveness.  It’s enough to give you a boost in damage, but not enough for a caster to negate the effects of it.  In PvE, it’s a glorious DPS boost.  It can be a little confusing, but to put it as simply as possible: by not activating (leaving it as a passive buff), you’ll do more damage, except for when you are close to allies; or if you require a rapid boost in damage and you’re soloing one fairly buff enemy.


**Virtue of Resolve**


Every 40 seconds, virtue of resolve provides Aegis.  Aegis blocks follow-up attacks, so this will provide added survivability.  If you apprehend a critical attack for instance, you can activate virtue of resolve and negate its effects.  When you`re in a party, the activation of this skill can turn the tide of battle in your favor, as it can save you and your allies a ton of HP.  When left passive, it reduces the amount of damage of all attacks, though not as significantly.


General Tips

- Guardians are probably the best choke defenders in GW2.  Their greatest use is their skills like Ring of Warding and Line of Guardian_Concept_Artwarding which can literally block off choke-points preventing enemies from reaching you and your allies.  Shield of Absorption can force your assailants backwards and deflect oncoming attacks

- Hallowed Ground imparts stability and is critical to include if you intend to play PvP at all.  Stability prevents knockdowns and negates a plethora of buffs.

- iterventions are superb because they allow you to quickly move in and out of battle.  If your Hp`s running low, this can be a lifesaver.

- Guardians can be built to be very strong healers, although in GW2 there really is no disignated healer/support, the Guardian is the best for acting as a healing and support character.

- When knocked down use Wave of lightning to force back enemies.  Great in PVP because it disrupts final blows.


That’s it for the Guardian, don’t forget to comment, share, and Subscribe to the Newsletter!

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