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Published on December 28th, 2012 | by Guest Author


Tips for Power Leveling in Guild Wars 2

Everyone who plays massively multiplayer online i.e.., MMO game, has a goal which is to reach the level cap. And it is banner1common goal in Guild wars 2 also. Many players who play Guild Wars 2 love leveling. They try to increase their levels as fast as possible no matter what happens.

While many players who play Guild Wars 2 are slow in leveling up their account, they miss many other ways to level up their account naturally. Here I will explain some of the tips and tricks for leveling up your character to reach the level cap i.e.., Level to 80 in no time without spending too much time, it could save you many days or weeks ( I hope it helps this much at least!). As for people who don’t know how to level up their account easily, they will spend days and weeks in leveling up their account. Reaching the level, then, will be become more difficult for them. So here are some tips to level up your account.


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  1. First of all go with your personal story as it will bring you gold, great-looking amours and even bonus XP points for your character.
  2. Once you created your character, you will get enough gold to purchase some tools from merchants. Purchasing tools like Mining packs, Logging Axes and harvesting sickles will be useful for you in this game. Once you bought these gathering tools, make them available with your character. Once these tools are ready with your character, collect raw materials as much as possible.
  3. If you run around and explore the whole map, you will get extra EXP boosts for exploring the world.
  4. Quests and dynamic events are some of the most important things to do in this game. Doing as many quests and dynamic events will bring you extra karma, gold coins and good amount of XP. But if you don’t know how to identify quests and dynamic events, then;                                                                                                                                           Quests can be identified with unfilled golden hearts in the map and dynamic events can be identified with orange Random-Picturecircles. Never leave quests and dynamic events as these help in power leveling your account.
  5. If you ever visit a town, use some of your gold and karma to buy some more materials for crafting. And also gather some of the raw material in the town, which will help you later. Crafting will greatly help you to level up your account. You will get enough XP to level up to 10 levels when you max out one of the eight crafting disciplines. That means, if you max out all the 8 crafting disciplines, you will have enough XP to reach the level cap i.e.., Level 80 without even killing a single monster.
  6. Many people get around slowly, because they run to and fro from different places and it takes time away from their leveling. By using the Asura Gate you can travel very fast to different places and this will saves you great time.
  7. Before going for a mission, first check out your skills in the skills bar whether it is loaded with proper skills or not. Make sure you load your character with appropriate skills that will match your character. Do not load skills that are not apt for your character. If you have better skills that match your character, you can fight the battle easily and can earn more XP, which then means you can level up your character with XP.
  8. In Guild Wars 2, when you are in a battle, go for killing your enemies at your same level. Do not kill your enemies less than your level. If you kill enemies equal to your level, you can earn more XP and which helps you kill greater enemies. It’s the circle of monster killing; get used to it.
  9. Never leave a zone without completing it. Complete the zone first and then move to the next zone will help you level up faster. Always complete every zone before moving up to the next zone.
  10. If you have enough gold with you, trade them for Gems in the trading post, as Gems will help you purchase extra XP points and XP points will help you level up your account.

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